The Diversity Visa has been a valued pathway to U.S. citizenship. Though 55,000 winners were selected to receive Green Cards in 2020, their claims to immigration remain uncertain. Due to multiple factors, the lottery winners’ efforts could go unrewarded.

The decision will impact those living in unstable and dangerous situations most. Conflict in Afghanistan, Yemen, and Haiti, among other countries, motivated many to apply for the Visa this past year. Many risk life-threatening danger, if their home country’s government does not support the United States, for winning the lottery.

Due to multiple reasons, the Diversity Immigration Visa winners of 2020 may not be granted immigration rights to the U.S.. As winners await the decision, only two days are left until the deadline, and at the time of writing, no conclusion has been published.

This spread features an article by Forbes. To read the full text please visit: https://www.forbes.com/sites/andyjsemotiuk/2021/09/26/2021-diversity-green-card-lottery-winners-to-be-shut-out-because-of-visa-deadline/?sh=6854fb3b1a4f.

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